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Suzanne Snadecki notes: For the future, my heartfelt wish is that this brightly painted vehicle with no electricity or modern conveniences, and pulled by a beautiful and gentle golden horse, will bring joy to those who see it, smiles to those who are stressed and rushed.  I hope the story of the dream becoming a reality will give others the courage to pursue their dreams.  I hope anyone who needs time in nature and peace will find us and spend time...a day, a week, close to nature and close to the horse.  This is never meant to be a business.   It is to be shared freely.  The person who seeks us out may be of any age.  I believe I have something to give.  Perhaps someone will want to draw and paint with me or maybe we will write a story together, or tell each other our stories while sitting under a tree.  I believe this project is destined for something special.  It will fill a need that I have not yet imagined. I am definitely not the one in control.  I am open to the final outcome.  My arms are open and I am waiting only to finish the final bits.  So far everything has appeared at exactly the right moment and I have faith that this will continue.

When I was a teen-ager and sent away to boarding school without my permission, I was fortunate enough to spend my spare time at a stable and often sitting in a stall with my favorite horse crying my eyes out.  Just sitting in the stall crying with this horse probably saved my life.  It's a simple thing but it is a powerful memory.  Perhaps just stroking our horse will change something for someone.

youtube link to first trial trip with Tòti pulled by Vanille

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Suzanne Snadecki has compiled a digital book and an even more beautiful PRINT BOOK about her horse-drawn, Gypsy Wagon project with the process in detail from beginning to finish. She will continue to chronicle each step of the way. Proceeds from book or painting sales will go toward maintenance of Toti Bleu and Vanille, the lovely horse who graciously gives motion to Toti  Bleu.

Suzanne and Vanille

The dream took on a life of its own,  improbable but unstoppable.”

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From Suzanne Snadecki;

Tòti Bleu began as a dream, an impossibility, a fantasy.  I imagined a multi faceted creation, a piece of movable art. I wanted it to speak of childhood, of joy and fun, of slowing down our lives, of simplifying our lives, and of giving us time to open our eyes and experience the wonders surrounding us.  With my head in the clouds, I imagined this gaily colored rolling piece of livable art traveling country roads at a turtle pace, stopping to talk with people, enjoying the connection with the horse, the rhythm of clopping hooves moving us along, and cooking dinner on  a campfire at night.  

It began with no capital and no knowledge of building a livable horse drawn vehicle, and no knowledge of driving a horse.   I'm an artist.  I love to paint and I have loved horses all my life.

I had no idea that we would be working for 3 years and still not be quite finished.

We began to talk about the dream.   A friend knew where the chassis could be built in Poland.  Friends donated money for wood. Enthusiasm enfolded us.  Help arrived from the most unexpected places.  The perfect horse appeared and her owner offered to teach me the difficult art of driving a horse.  We met wonderful friends who had lived for many years and travelled thousands of miles in their roulotte.  The dream took on a life of its own,  improbable but unstoppable.

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